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At allTRUEist, Founding Member of Les Archivistes, we strongly believe that fashion can help create change; we all use it as our non-verbal form of communicating to the world, “This is my style & this is what I stand for”, so we set out to find the message that represents us & positive change.

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is incredibly harmful to animals, humans and the environment.

New technology in material fabrication is changing the landscape of the sustainable fashion industry.


allTRUEist has made it its mission to find great Fashion Designers that help counteract the harm other fashion companies create. Founded in Montreal in 2015 by Marcus Aliaga, a California born fashion veteran. Having worked his entire career in Luxury fashion he turned his focus on sustainability and ethical production.

You will find a wide selection offered at Les Archivistes that has been curated by allTRUEist.






allTRUEist has formed strong partnerships with brands from across the globe that share similar views and an aligned mission.

They are firm believers that buying less but buying better is essential to slow the pace of mass production. This is why they partnered with Mr. W and Mavra Toufidis to form Les Archivistes, a collective boutique that celebrates slow fashion, made to order, high quality and sustainability.




allTRUEist carefully curates and vets each Designer they work with. They must produce all their designs ethically and as sustainably as possible. Below are some of the requirements we ask of our brands:

*They must pay fair & liveable wages to their employees
*They provide a good and safe working environment
*They use eco-friendly and sustainable and durable materials
*The manufacturing and finish must be of high quality to stand the test of time
*That collections carried at allTRUEist are 100% cruelty-free and contain no animal by products
*Traceability in their production process




At allTRUEist, we are proud to partner with leading sustainable brands, many of who are B-Corporations, PETA award winners and environmental champions. We honor their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

We use our position as a leading retailer to inspire and motivate people to make considered choices about the products they buy,

Everyday actions make a big difference to the world.


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