Shopping Made Personal


Relationships are at the heart of every meaningful experience. That’s why we’ve designed thoughtful, innovative services to meet you where wherever you are, and ensure that shopping with us is always extraordinary.


We are proud to offer an exemplary level of care and attention that you won’t find anywhere else as a complimentary service.




Personal Shopping

With over 40 years combined experience in the industry we can find a shirt for your suit, a wardrobe for your vacation, a bag for a special occassion or a dress for your daughter, and if we can't find it... we can make it!


Flexible Scheduling

We can prepare your room full of options on short notice, meet with you outside of store hours, and even arrange for lunch service during your appointment.


Video Consultations

Can't make it in-person? We can meet online via video conference where we can discuss all your needs or do style consultations.


Shop By Appointment


Shopping by appointment offers you a one-on-one experience. Enjoy the extraordinary service, while our experts ensure your safety and comfort throughout your visit.


Our new safety measures are designed to keep you and our team safe as we thoughtfully reopened our store and offer shopping by appointment. We’re carefully following all Government-issued protocols.


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