From simple hem adjustments to bespoke alterations, no task is too great for our unrivalled in-house team.

Whether you bring your own items, need a bridal alteration or want to tailor-make your purchase from Les Archivistes you will have a team behind you making sure the fit and finish are perfect.


Precision Alterations


If you have alterations that need special care (specialty fabrics, bridal, etc), please book an appointment with our master tailor.


For standard alterations (plain hems, take in waist, etc) you do not need to book an appointment, simply bring in your item into Les Archivistes


Book your appointment please contact us

Alterations Menu

Jackets & Blazers

Shortened Jacket $65.00

Shortened Sleeves $40.00

Lengthen Sleeves $40.00

Move or Rest itch Buttons $15.00

Clear Front Scyes / Deepen arm holes $40.00

Take in / out Centre Seam $20.00

Take in / out Side Seams $35.00

Narrow Shoulder $50.00

Narrow Sleeves $65.00

Square Back Neck (Square up Shoulders) $40.00

Reduce the Collar $40.00

Clear Drapes $40.00

Close Vents $40.00

Shoulder Pads $40.00

Pick up Shoulder Ends $65.00

Shorten Sleeves from the Top $120.00

Relining jacket $250.00

Open button holes $45.00

Sham Button holes $30.00

Re-Pitched Sleeves $100.00

Shorten Back Balance $100.00

Change all buttons $30.00

Real horn buttons (Each) $5.00

Plastic buttons (Each) $ 1.50

Pants & trousers

Lower Waist Band $ 60.00

Take in / out Waist and Seat Fork $30.00

Shortened plain hem $20.00

Shortened Cuff hem $25.00

Shortened jean hem $20.00

Shortened original jean hem $25.00

Taper sides half leg $30.00

Taper sides full Leg $50.00

Reline Waistband $65.00

Front Lining $65.00

Full Lining $85.00

Zipper $30.00

Suspender Buttons $30.00

Make belt loops or side adjusters $50.00

Repair Fork area with same or similar cloth $50.00

Remove Front pleats $150.00

Add tape on side of trousers (polyester) $75.00

Change buttons $15.00

Real horn buttons (Each) $5.00

Plastic buttons (Each) $1.50


Shorten Sleeves $30.00

Shorten Sleeves from shoulder $50.00

Shorten length $35.00

Take in side seams $30.00

Make darts $20.00

Change collar / cuffs $30.00

Narrow sleeves $25.00

Shorten back balance $60.00

Change all buttons $25.00


Shorten length $50.00

Take in / out side seams $35.00

Reduce Collar $60.00

Relining back $120.00


Shorten Sleeves $55.00

Lengthen Sleeves $55.00

Shorten Coat $80.00

Take in / let out side seams $60.00

Relining coat $300.00

Prices shown above are for standard alterations, prices
may vary depending on the complexity of the task,
specialty fabrics, linings, embellishments, etc.

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